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Jonathan Scialabba’s recent collection involves an exploration of himself through the means of painting, sculpture and digital art. Each piece illustrates a transformative revelation that Jonathan came to, which then acts as a reminder to him, and a potential eye opener for his viewers.

Scialabba believes that artmaking is not a thing to do, but instead an instrument for self-discovery, shifting perspectives, providing hope and healing, and so much more. However, Scialabba did not always possess this mindset. During his adolescent years, he found that his ability to efficiently render interesting and aesthetically pleasing images, and the desire for positive impressions from his viewers, tainted his original purpose and childlike purity behind his artmaking. Now, Jonathan wants to get back to his childlike ways, and create for a purpose that is much bigger than him.

“When I draw, paint, or sculpt, I do it from a place of authenticity. Sometimes, the materials aid in shaping my concept. Sometimes, the concept helps me choose the materials. Sometimes, it’s a bit of both. No matter how it goes, I find that my creations reflect the state of my soul, whether that be chaotic or peaceful. My art will either scream or whisper, This is where I am."