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Brush Strokes


As an art educator, I believe that art and the artistic process are vital for a well rounded education in K-12 learners. Research in art education has shown that the artmaking process has the ability to help activate and nurture the full intellect of individuals. Through cognitive intervention, sensory stimulation, and emotional/expressive responses with the use of art materials, students can create artwork while becoming more self-aware and developed human beings. In my practice, students will be able to sharpen their artistic skills, creative problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of how artists have made an incredible impact on society. When delivering any art lesson, I aim to foster a space where students can sharpen their creative skills/knowledge, explore their heart, and examine their thinking. 

In my art classroom, students will learn:

- Studio art techniques for drawing, painting, illustration, sculpture, photography, digital art and more
- How to integrate sensory, emotional, kinesthetic and cognitive processes while creating art
- How to collaboratively and personally analyze and critique artwork
- How to prepare a professional studio art portfolio that supports their personal and/or career goals.



I believe that the fundamentals of art education include skill-based art lessons. These lessons are used to help students improve their foundational skills such as: observational abilities, fine/gross motor skills, shading, color blending, and much more. These lessons also serve as as conduit for the elements and principles of art to be highlighted and recognized. When engaging in developmental skill-based art lessons, students will be prepared for more complex and comprehensive visual art.


Sensory-based art lessons use touch, smell, taste, sound, and sight to activate recalled experiences and emotions that help students create salient/meaningful artwork. These type of lessons are clinically proven to help students investigate and explore their own inner landscape.



Sensory-based and skill-based art lessons, when combined, can help students create personal/meaningful and visually aesthetic artwork. These lessons focus on engaging the full intellect of each student.

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